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CO2 neutral website

Dansani has decided to join the initiative CO2 neutral websites

All websites emit carbon (CO2) due to the electricity consumption. Servers running the websites are using power. Power is used to run the server but particularly the consumers use much power (computers, screens, modem etc.) - and it consumes more and more power.

Participating in this initiative we reduce the CO2 emission from our website. It has a positive effect on the climate. More than 2,000 companies, organisations and public institutions in more than 50 countries participate in CO2 neutral websites.

To compensate for the CO2 consumption we invest in the following climate projects:

Building new renewable energy sources
By building new renewable energy sources, the need for coal plants and other polluting energy sources in the long run is reduced. CO2-neutal website focuses on new development projects and not on already existing energy sources. E.g. has CO2 neutral websites participated in a windmill project near the site of the COP15 in Copenhagen (the climate summit of the United Nations). The windmill now produces CO2 neutral electricity.

Participation in CO2 reducing projects
CO2- neutral websites participate in climate projects that both reduces CO2 emissions and help people in poor countries to a better life. We are currently engaged in a Gold Standard Verified Emission Reduction (VER) project. It is verified for its CO2 reducing effect. Gold Standard is started by WWF and it is widely acknowledged among climate experts and NGO's.

In Kenya, many families cook on open fire. This is unhealthy and causes CO2 emissions. This project installs energy efficient stoves reducing the deforestation, improving health, creating jobs locally and it reduces the CO2 emissions. The CO2 reductions are quantified and documented by independent auditors through the Gold Standard process.

Working for protection of the rainforest
Together with World Land Trust, investments are made in a REDD+ project for protection of threatened rainforest in Ecuador. Besides a great CO2 effect, the project also helps safeguard wildlife in an area which is acknowledged as one of the world's 25 unique natural resorts.

Encourage CO2 reductions through purchase and cancellation of CO2 emission in EU
Together with Energistyrelsen in Denmark (Danish Energy Agency) and the authorities in Sweden and Germany the right for CO2 emission is purchased and cancelled. It forces large companies to reduce their CO2 emission, and through our work it reduces the number of rights to emit CO2.

The Energistyrelsen in Denmark issues certificates for purchases and cancellations of rights to emit CO2. Correspondingly, rights have been removed for CO2 emission in Sweden and Germany.

EU's system with CO2 rights is highly regulated as to climate. It is continuously evacuated if the effect of the system lives up to the demands.

Gold standard projects are the primary focus which besides reducing the CO2 emission also has a positive social effect on poor countries.

Audit on the CO2 offset
The audit company Deloitte makes independent audits of the initiative's CO2 neutralisations.