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Maxi Shower – Extra generous shower space with a large shower cabin and large sliding doors

Scanbad Maxi Shower brings you extra large shower solutions with extra wide sliding doors, so there is nothing to cramp your style. Modern design in top quality and no compromises. A large shower cabin is also practical for wheelchair users and anyone who is mobility impaired.

The Scanbad Maxi Shower series consists of two different models, each with its own expression. Classic is robust quality at a fair price, while the Deluxe model is elegantly designed for low noise and extra stability. Combine the sliding doors with one or two fixed shower panels – as a corner solution or as a free-standing large shower cabin.

A large shower cabin with sliding doors saves worry about space in your furnishing plan for the doors to open and close. The sliding doors open into the sides, and the door solution does not take up space in your bathroom.


With Scanbad Maxi shower screens and shower doors, you are sure of easy cleaning and clear, shining glass surfaces. All Match models are treated on the inside with EasyCare, which makes life difficult for dirt and lime scale. Simply wipe the glass over with a soft cloth after use, and your glass will stay beautiful for many years. EasyCare is an environment-friendly German product, certified by the independent SGS Institut Fresenius laboratory in accordance with the OECD Guidelines 2009.


Complete your Maxi Shower unit with a strong shower tray.

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Product information


All Scanbad sliding doors and fixed shower panels have been tested and comply with regulations EN 14428:2015 this concerns the hardening of glass, stability and water proofing classification. All models are reversible and can be used in both left and right hand applications without the need for tools or modifications.


8 mm safety glass according to EN12150 regulations with internal easy care treatment. Available in clear glass.


Strong aluminum profile with satin anodized surface. Wall profiles are adjustable.


Shower door handle (standard knob) in stainless steel


Wall bracket and brackets for wall support are in chromed zinc-aluminium. Cover caps in chromed ABC.


Perfect installation even on out of true walls due to the adjustment possibilities.


Brass with polished chrome surface finish. The runners are not visible from the outside.


The runners are produced in zinc alloy. The fittings for the top bar is made in brass with a refined polished chrome finish.


Polished stainless steel with cover caps in chromed ABS. For enclosures with 2 fixed shower panels, 2 wall supports are supplied as standard.


For spare parts please get in touch with your retailer


Scanbad offers a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects on all models.

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M1041 Maintenance instructions shower
M1255 Sliding door, Classic
M1256 Sliding door, Deluxe