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Scanbad Multo - Classic and functional high-quality furniture at an affordable price

Scanbad Multo stands for classic, high-quality design with lots of choices at affordable price. This series contains vanity units with doors or drawers in many different sizes and matching basins in various designs. In addition, Multo offers beautiful and functional mirror and mirror cabinet solutions with energy-saving LED lighting. If you need extra storage space, you can add some practical tall cabinets, choosing between several models.

To help you get what you really want when you order your new Dansani Multo, we have made a step-by-step guide to putting a set of bathroom furniture together. Follow the guide and find your dream bathroom.

Step 1 - Which basin is best for you?

With Scanbad Multo you can choose between different basin designs in sanitary porcelain or stone resin. We can cater for all bathrooms – whatever the shape or size. Choose between single basins with plenty of worktop space or double basins with room for two people at a time.

Step 2 - Do you prefer doors or drawers?

With Scanbad Multo you can choose drawers or doors on your vanity unit. Behind the doors you will find shelf-space for towels and tall bottles of cleaning stuff etc. Drawers give you easy access, e.g. to underwear, creams and make-up. You can choose vanity units in a curved design with a rounded front or a design with traditional squares. From our wide range in varying widths and depths you can easily put together a smart and functional washing area. All cabinets come in a choice of five super colours, with chrome handles supplied as standard.

Step 3 - Choose your mirror solution and lighting

Think about what storage you need when you choose a mirror solution. In a small bathroom a mirror cabinet is an advantage, making use of the wall space to get extra storage space behind the mirror doors. If you have chosen a wide basin, there is room for a large mirror above it. Good LED lighting comes with all Scanbad Multo mirrors and mirror cabinets, either as built-in lighting or smart lamp designs.

Step 4 - Take advantage of wall space for extra storage in the bathroom

Tall cabinets give you lots of space for towels and underwear, so they are always handy after your bath. Set up two or more cabinets together and build up your own cabinet wall. Choose between two tall cabinet models, and supplement them with a laundry basket that pulls out easily to put your clothes in. A wall cabinet or two can be practical over the toilet or the radiator. You make optimum use of wall space and get more room for storage. Find functional accessories for Scanbad Multo cabinets and mirror solutions for extra comfort in your daily routine.

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Product information about Scanbad Multo

Porcelain basins

Multo porcelain basins are manufactured from genuine Porcelain, a strong, glazed ceramic material. When fired at approx. 1220°C, the glaze melts to form a hard, smooth and glossy surface which is easy to clean.

Stone resin basins

The Stone resin basins are made from mineral powder, polyester and binding agents. The basins are cast in solid moulds and surface-treated with a clear gelcoat. For cleaning, we recommend Clean & Shine.


16 mm melamine-coated particle board with melamine edging depending on the finish. Cabinets are shipped fully assembled, including rear panels and adjustment brackets for wall mounting. The vanity units come with alu-coloured top and base, rear panel and shelves. Tall units and wall cabinets come with white rear panels for white cabinets, aluminium-coloured rear panels for other finishes and 5 mm glass shelves with polished edges. All cabinets come with stylish chrome handles.

Doors and fronts

18 mm film-coated MDF board for high-gloss white cabinets. Other finishes are available with 19 mm melamine-coated particle board fronts with ABS edges. All doors are fitted with metal clip-on hinges, adjustable in three directions. The doors are fitted with dampers to ensure a soft and silent close.


The drawers have metal sides with concealed drawer runners. They are fully extendable, self-closing and have a soft-close function. The top drawer features a cut-out for waste fittings. The drawers are fully adjustable and have a maximum load of 40 kg.

Mirrors with different light sources

Mirrors are available with integrated LED lighting or without lighting with the option of adding various external LED lights. Wall brackets are included with all mirrors. Mirror anti-mist pads to help eliminate steam build-up are also available.

Mirror cabinets

All mirror cabinets come as standard with integrated socket and switch placed in the top, double-sided mirror doors with adjustable hinges and dampers that ensure that the doors close softly and silently. Tops, bases and rear panels are in alu-look finish. Various LED lights for mirror cabinets without lighting are also available.

Energy rating labels and product data sheets can be downloaded from the product database or a hard copy can be requested.

IP44 classification

At Dansani your safety is our priority. All the electrical components in our furniture have therefore been pre-fi tted to guarantee safe installation. At the same time, we wish to give you an opportunity to maximise the use of the space in your bathroom. Consequently, we have a wide range of IP44-approved products so you can place your furniture as close as possible to water while retaining all the storage space you need.

All of our furniture with electrical components is also CE-certifi ed with indication of classification. We recommend that you have the installation carried out by an authorised electrician in compliance with current legislation.

Fitting instructions

Are included with every order.


There is a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects. On heated towel rails there is a 5 year warranty.

Installation measurements

Installation dimensions for water connection and drain in the wall

Fitting instructions

502 Maintenance guide
651 Furniture pack with doors (Mikado washbasin)
652 Wall cabinet
677 Handling mirror doors
700 Guidance for electrical products
827 Furniture pack with metal drawers (Uno, Ludo and Lotto washbasins)
836 Vanity unit with doors
865 Furniture pack with doors (Uno and Ludo washbasins)
880 Magnifying mirror
928 Lotto washbasin
995 Mirror cabinet with integrated LED lighting
1014 Mirror with integrated LED lighting
1049 Furniture pack with wooden drawers (Mikado and 90cm Uno washbasins)
1052 Mirror cabinet with integrated LED top lighting
1058 Jupiter and Venus LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1059 Light panel for mirror cabinet
1060 Plano and Stratos LED lamps - fixation on mirror or mirror cabinet
1064 Light panel with LED strip for mirror cabinet
1071 Heat panel for mirror
1074 Furniture pack with wooden drawers (Uno, Ludo and Lotto washbasins)
1076 Furniture pack with metal drawers (Mikado and 90cm Uno washbasins)
1077 Mirror without lighting - additional choice of LED lamps
1078 Light panel for vanity units
1081 Tall unit (30 cm width)
1082 Tall unit (40 cm width)
1091 Cover ring - cut-out for piping - Ø56mm
1092 Cover ring - cut-out for piping - Ø35mm
1098 Mirror cabinet without lighting - additional choice of lamps
1105 Repeat mirror
1184 Wash cabinet with 4 drawers
1193 Hekla heated tower rail
1194 Teide heated tower rail
1199 Select mirror
1206 Furniture pack with wooden drawers (Simone and Casino washbasins)
1222 Corona mirror
1265 Limbo wash cabinet with 1 door and 2 drawers
1266 Limbo wash cabinet with 2 doors
1267 Wire basket
1286 Select mirror cabinet
1334 Tall unit with 1 door