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Scanbad PLAY - Release your playfull inner self

Scanbad PLAY turns interior design of the bathroom into creative playfullnes.
PLAY’s inspiring universe invites you to mix and match the products for a truly personal expression.
When the vanity and storage solutions are in place, you can continue to play with the details like: handles, support legs, lights and mirrors. It has never been this easy and fun to transform a bathroom into your bathroom.

We guide you through five easy steps to get started with your new creative bathroom
Follow our guide and end up with what you want when you order your furniture.

Step 1 – Choose the basin that suits you

From Scanbad PLAY we can offer you basin models in rounded designs with curved fronts, or traditional square designs. You can choose between hard-wearing materials such as sanitary porcelain, solid surface or glass.
If you need a single basin with plenty of worktop space, or two basins for the family, you will find a good solution here to fit in your bathroom, regardless of the size and shape of the room.

Step 2 – Vanity unit with doors or drawers

Drawers, doors and handles are essential elements when you are furnishing a bathroom. Behind the doors, Scanbad PLAY gives you plenty of space for towels and tall bottles of cleaning agents, or if you choose a solution with drawers in one of two different heights, you have easy access to all your personal things such as underwear or creams. The cabinets are available in several colours and wood types, and it is also possible to combine colour and wood in the same cabinet. Give it your own personal expression with our wide range of smart handles and support legs, which come in different styles and colours, or stay with the streamlined push-open function.

Step 3 – Mirror solution with lighting

Scanbad PLAY includes a wide selection of superb mirrors and mirror cabinets in exclusive designs for your bathroom. 
The mirror solution is a very important element, which you use many times in the course of the day.

      • One big mirror or two round mirrors give you space for all the family
      • With a mirror cabinet there is extra storage space behind the mirror doors
      • Energy-saving LED lighting is built into our mirror solutions and lamps, and reproduces the colours of materials and people naturally, in the right nuances
      • Light control on touch panel on selected mirrors and mirror cabinets
      • With an anti-mist pad which reduces mist build-up on the mirror
      • Power supply for all your electric equipment in all the mirror cabinets

Step 4 – An even better daily life with functional and practical accessories

Keep your things tidy and create atmosphere with functional accessories from Scanbad PLAY. In this series we have e.g.

  • Light in the drawer that creates atmosphere and gives you a better overview.
  • An accessory pack for the mirror cabinet with wooden trays for your cosmetics and small items, and a movable metal shelf for extra bits and pieces.
  • Non-slip rubber mats in the drawers, so your things don’t slide about.
  • Drawer accessory pack with two wooden trays with metal lids, one with an insert for your pencils. A practical magnet is included to hold your scissors and nail file.
  • An elegant and functional make-up mirror with lighting, so you can see your face close up and in detail.
  • Flexible shelves that give you space to create extra atmosphere in your bathroom and convenient storage.

Step 5 – Use your wall for extra storage space

You have lots of storage space for towels and underwear with Scanbad PLAY high cabinets, and then you always have everything handy after a bath. If you place two or more cabinets together, you can build your own wall of cabinets, and in the two tall cabinet models there is space to fit a laundry basket that is easy to pull out to put clothes in it. For everyday use, it is practical with a wall cabinet or two over the toilet or the radiator, too.

Other series of Scanbad products
Besides Scanbad PLAY we have other bathroom furnishing series available in different price ranges and designs. See more details here:

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Product information

Solid Surface basins and worktops

Solid Surface basins and worktops are made from a robust composite material with a waterproof surface that is easy to clean.

Porcelain basins

Scanbad porcelain basins are manufactured from genuine sanitary porcelain, a strong, glazed ceramic material. When fired at approx. 1220°C, the glaze melts to form a hard, smooth and glossy surface which is easy to clean.

Glass basin

Scanbad glass basins are easy to clean and resistant to normal cleaning agents. The basins have grey lacquer on the underside and are produced in a special crystal clear glass finish with a much clearer appearance than standard glass due to less iron oxides in the glass itself. The aesthetic matte expression is created with a powder etching of the surface of the glass.

Please note concerning Agat, Ergo, Lano and Safira basins

These basins come without an overflow. Unless a concealed overflow system is purchased we recommend that a free flowing waste should be installed.


16 mm plain, melamine-coated particle board with ABS edges and PU glue. White matt and special colour with moisture-resistant, two-component finish, has a resistant surface that is easy to clean. The cabinets are supplied as assembled units as well as adjustable brackets for wall mounting. Vanity units are supplied with aluminium coloured bases and rear bracing panels as standard. Tall cabinets and wall cabinets are also supplied with 4 mm glass shelves in smoked glass with polished edges as standard. Optional extras are available such as push-open in vanity unit, drawer light and accessory packages for vanityu unit and tall cabinets.


Front located front
The fronts are outside of the gables, 19 mm, melamine-coated particle board with ABS edges. White matt and fjord green with moisture-resistant, two-component finish.

Within located fronts
The fronts are inset between the cabinet sides and are available with a frame or a plain version with 18 mm MDF fibreboards with moisture-resistant, two-component finish.

Curved fronts
The fronts are inset between the gables, curved 21 mm MDF fibreboards, with moisture-resistant, two-component finish.


All doors are fitted with metal clip hinges that can be adjusted in 3 directions. The doors are fitted with exclusive dampers that ensure that the doors close softly and silently.


The drawers have metal sides with concealed drawer runners. They are fully extendable, self-closing and have a soft-close function. The top drawer features a cut-out for waste fittings. The drawers are fully adjustable. Optional extras such as LED lighting in drawers, rubber mats, wooden trays, handles and push-open.

Mirrors with various light sources

The mirrors are available with integrated LED lighting or with different external lights. All mirrors are delivered together with wall fittings.

Mirror cabinets

All mirror cabinets are supplied with lighting control, integrated shaver point and touch panel as standard as well as double mirror doors with adjustable hinges and dampers so that the doors will close softly and silently. Tops, bases and rear panels are in alu look finish.

Mirrors and mirror cabinets with adjustable light come with the 12 V lighting system that offers you the following options:

  1. Light control that remembers the last settings:
    • On-off function
    • Variable dimming with 4 pre-sets
    • Variable colour temperature control of your light (2100 – 6500 K)* with 4 pre-sets
  2. Excellent colour rendering (Ra 90+)

*) 2100K is a very warm, almost reddish light and 6500K is far colder, almost bluish.

The lifespan of the driver and LED are reduced if the light is kept on constantly.

Energy rating labels and product data sheets can be downloaded from the product database or a hard copy can be requested.

IP44 classification

At Scanbad your safety is our priority. All the electrical components in our furniture have therefore been pre-fitted to guarantee safe installation. At the same time, we wish to give you an opportunity to maximise the use of the space in your bathroom. Consequently, we have a wide range of IP44-approved products so you can place your furniture as close as possible to water while retaining all the storage space you need.

All of our furniture with electrical components is also CE-certifi ed with indication of classification. We recommend that you have the installation carried out by an authorised electrician in compliance with current legislation.


Functional storage trays for drawers, which can also be moved elsewhere as required. The trays are made of solid oak.


The furniture comes without handles, which can be ordered as optional extras from our wide range of handles each with their own design, colour and look.

Fitting instructions

Are included with all orders.


There is a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Installation measurements

Installation dimensions for water connection and drain in the wall

Fitting instructions

1316 Vanity unit height 40 and 64 cm, with drawers
1317 Vanity unit height 64 cm, with drawers
1318 Vanity unit with doors
1319 Vanity unit height 32 cm, with drawers
1306 Oval mirror with touch control
1199 Mirror without touch control
1307 Framed mirror with light and touch control
1222 Round mirror with light
1315 Oval mirror cabines with touch control
1308 Mirror cabinet with touch control
1314 Mirror cabinet with touch control
1312 Mirror cabinet with touch control and light in top and bottom
1321 Wall cabinet, door is located within cabinet sides
1322 Tall cabinet,door is located within cabinet sides
1323 Wall cabinet, door is located in front of cabinet sides
1324 Tall cabinet, door is located in front of cabinet sides
1325 Leg A
1326 Leg B
1329 Shelf, black
1220 Lights