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Technical information

Installation measures

Installation measurements

Here you can have a look at fitting instructions for all Scanbad furniture series. You find information about the recommended installation of the water outlet and the drain as well as recommended installation of the power outlet on the back of the cabinet. If you need strengthening of the walls before installing the unit you can find the installation measurements here. We reccomend that light walls such as plaster wall is strenghed to ensure stable installation.

Water installation and drain: Do you need installation measurements of the water and drain behind the vanity unit yo can finde the measurements for each model here.

Strengthening measurements: Depending on the wall type it might be necessary to use additional strengthening of the wall before the fitting of the units. Each series have the relevant installation measurements for each unit.

Installation of power outlet: The measurements for the optimum placing of the power outlet in the wall can be found in the information about series type and cabinet type. 

Choose one of the links and all the fitting instructions with the actual installation measurements will appear for this series. 
All fitting instructions opens in a new window/tab so that you can turn the pages in the guide directly on the screen. You can also:

  • Download the entire fitting instruction as PDF files
  • Print one or more pages
  • Send parts of the instruction as e-mail
  • Enlarge the instruction using the zoom function

All the fitting instructions are PDF files and can be opened with Acrobat

See installation measurements here:

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